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Ramona Country Bakery

Cranberry Walnut Bread

This bread is delicious and hearty.  A great bread for breakfast, an afternoon snack or made into a sandwich! We always use organic flour! 

2 Cranberry Walnut Orange Loaves


"We bought some last weekend at RFN - it's very yummy! ❤ " 

"Got a loaf of your jalapeno cheddar bread at Ramona Family Naturals yesterday and it was OH SO DELICIOUS!!!  "         

Michelle Sund

Happy Customer

"I was wondering about that GF banana bread! Pretty sure my husband and I are the ones that always clean the shelves for it 👀 delicious!"                                  

Naomi Oakes

Happy Customer

"I am thankful and grateful that you bake delicious fresh bread 🍞 the way it should be with simple wholesome ingredients. ❤️ Wishing you and yours a fabulous Thanksgiving!"

Marci McKown

Happy Customer

"I was at the Hatfield Creek Vineyards & Winery supper and that sourdough was truly amazing!!!!!"                                      


Elizabeth Myers

Happy Customer

"Most delicious AND BEAUTIFUL bread ever! Yum!!!"

Zandra Frausel Brown

Happy Customer

"Thank you so much for the banana bread!!! I love having a delicious treat available at King’s Craft! I am wheat and rice (!) intolerant and it’s always Very Hard to find a GF baked product without rice. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you!"

Karen Henry Hulick

Happy Customer

"Your bread is so beautiful and delicious! I just had some toast from the loaf I picked up yesterday! 😀"

Linda Glau

Happy Customer

"Had your jalapeno bread this weekend. Absolutely awesome!"

Sharon Uran

Happy Customer